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Customer Care Commitment
API builds deep customer relationships through its highly qualified Customer Care team by providing rapid responses to customer needs and regular proactive reviews using Six Sigma report card procedures.
Due to the complexities with and importance of Finance and Accounting outsourcing engagements, customers are assigned dedicated Customer Care Representatives who are trained to know the account, the specific implemented services and what is critical to the success of the customer.

Customer Care Representatives are assigned and involved at the start of the engagement process. They work closely with the project managers to learn the customer requirements and the particular configuration options the customer has chosen. This process guarantees a smooth hand-off from the implementation team to the service delivery team. Alternate Customer Care Representatives are trained to ensure customers receive seamless continuity of care.

Proactive communication is essential to customer's satisfaction. API's Customer Care Representative work with customers not only to answer questions and resolve problems, but continue to look for ways to implement best practices to provide year-over-year improvements with business processes. This ensures that customers continually attain the greatest benefits out of API's services – whether it is cost savings, better controls, or process improvements.

"I feel API has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times to ensure we had the results we needed. I think one of the most impressive things to me is that they all treat you like a friend, yet professional. They are sincere…They have successfully implemented all of our projects and I look forward to working with them as we target additional process improvements."
Supervisor, Kohler Co.