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Gary Halleen
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gary Halleen has 30 years of experience in information, technology and back office automation - beginning with his service in the U.S. Navy that provided training in advanced electronics. Additionally, 10 years with the 3M Company, where he was responsible for numerous new product launches. Throughout the 1970s, he was actively involved with various new information management products under 3M's "Office of the Future" initiative.

He founded Com Squared Systems, Inc. in 1980, one of the first companies to develop software for storing computer data and images on optical disk. This technology was sold to customers to automate back office processes. As a result of the significant market potential, Com Squared was acquired in 1994.

Looking for a new challenge, Halleen subsequently founded API Outsourcing, Inc. in 1998. Since then, API has grown to become a leading outsourcing provider of information processes through a combination of technology and labor arbitrage for document management, billing and accounts payable for Middle Market and Fortune 1000 firms.

Halleen received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.