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Utilization of Six Sigma
API Outsourcing follows the Six Sigma framework in striving for zero defects in its delivery of services. Six Sigma is a highly disciplined approach which helps us focus on developing and delivering near perfect products and services as viewed by our customers. To achieve Six Sigma quality, a process must produce no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.
Six Sigma: The Way We Work
Six Sigma is a goal we strive towards and a philosophy which is part of our business culture. Six Sigma has changed the way in which our people approach work and towards delivering the best to our customers.
We focus on what is important to our customers and how to prevent problems (defects) from occurring as seen through our customer's eyes. With this customer focus, we look for ways to have breakthrough and continuous improvement.
The API Approach
API Outsourcing is investing in creating teams comprised of Black Belts and Green Belts who apply various tools and processes such as the Six Sigma framework to move towards our goal.
  • Black Belts are leaders of a team responsible for driving an improvement project to completion which influences customer satisfaction. They are experts in the Six Sigma framework.
  • Green Belts work with the Black Belts on specific project implementations.
  • Six Sigma Framework is a systematic methodology utilizing tools, training and measurements to enable us to design and deliver products and processes which meet customer expectations and can be produced at Six Sigma quality levels.
  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) is a process for continued improvement. It is systematic, scientific and fact based. This closed-loop process eliminates non-value added steps, often focuses on new measurements and applies technology for improvement.

Center of Excellence
API Outsourcing has been instrumental in providing outsourcing support to business across the across the country. Our broad range of customers appreciate our commitment to deliver and provide world class business Services to companies in a variety of functional areas such as document management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and accounting services.

Customer Advantages
API Outsourcing's vision of Six Sigma is to delight our customers by delivering world class quality services through the achievement of Six Sigma levels of performance in everything we do. Six Sigma vision ensures we stay focused on the customer and continuous improvement. We look at everything we do through the eyes of our customers.

Our goal is perfection.

"Six Sigma standards have been initially implemented to support our strategy of productivity improvement and cost efficiencies in the support of clients. We now see that Six Sigma will play a critical role in achieving API's strategies for corporate growth. Clients are increasingly asking for assistance in billing and payable process transformation and Six Sigma is a key enabler of those efforts."
CEO and President, API Outsourcing
Six Sigma